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As a participant of the Second Propolis Conference Propolis in Human and Bee Health Conference - Sofia 2018, Dr Verica Milojkovc gave a lecture on PROPOLIS as a great natural medicine. Here is the work abstract.

Propolis has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, while in recent years it has attracted great attention as a valuable or potential substance used in medicine. 

Clinical research and scientific evidence point to its wide therapeutic potential in the treatment of respiratory tract diseases as well as the diseases of oral cavity, the digestive system and the skin. 
Propolis exhibits a broad spectrum of biological activities, such as anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antifungal. It also successfully resolves problems with Candid in the oral cavity and intestines. 
Propolis has shown interesting biomedical properties, such as improving wound healing, tissue regeneration stimulation and skin psoriasis treatment.

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the propolis effectiveness in treating bacterial infections of the throat and nose, the Candida infection of the tongue, as well as chronic wounds and psoriasis.

Materials and Methods
Experiences in the treatment of psoriasis and chronic wounds with  propolis.In this paper,the author has used propolis as tincture, nasal spray, oral spray, propolis cream for chronic wounds and cream for psoriasis.

The results confirm the propolis therapeutic efficacy. Propolis possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antifungal and regenerative properties.

Therapies with propolis offer new possibilities for treatment. Propolis, a medical miracle from the hive, has given encouraging results in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections, as well as in the treatment of psoriasis and chronic wounds .

Propolis. has been attracting scientific attention since it has many biological and pharmacological properties. Propolis has excellent chances to become an antibiotic of the future.

Keywords: propolis, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida spec, chronic wounds, Psoriasis vulgaris


                           In a group of eminent APITHERAPY practitioners and lecturers

Dr Verica Milojkovic (Serbia)
Specialist of General Medicine , (Family physician specialist)
Licensed  Api -Phytotherapist
President of the Serbian Apitherapy Society
Executive member of the International Federation of Apitherapy

E-mail: vericamilojkovic@gmail.com  www.apiterapija.rs

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Dear Apitherapy lovers, we have one great information for you. Dr Verica Milojkovic is author of a new book CHRONIC WOUNDS AND PROPOLIS printed by LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

My   Experience  in  the Treatment of  Chronic Wounds

The problem of conventional medicine in the treatment of chronic non-healing wounds
can be solved by using propolis. The aim of my work is to give evidence on the
successful treatment of chronic wounds with propolis. Propolis has proved to have
antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant and regenerative effect. The
introduction of propolis in the treatment of wounds has given the encouraging results
and it has been a challenge for the doctors-apitherapists.

After treating the wounds by using the methods of conventional medicine with no
success, propolis has been introduced as a therapy. The patients have taken propoplis
orally and applied it locally on the wound. They have also taken high doses of vitamin C.
Vitamin C is important for the collagen synthesis. The patients have been elderly people
with chronic diseases and atypical wounds in autoimmune diseases. The introduction of
propolis in the treatment of wounds has provided quick therapeutic effect, rehabilitated
the infection of the wound, stopped inflammation and accelerated regeneration of
damaged tissue. For some wounds, it has taken only 30 days to create a scar, while the
larger wounds have healed in 3-4 months. Such results indicate the possibility to make
a clinical study including a larger number of patients.

Propolis, a medical miracle from a hive, has given encouraging results in the treatment
of chronic wounds. It is a safe and cost-saving treatment; it enables the wounds to heal
in a shorter period of time, faster recovery and better quality of life.
The problem of conventional medicine in the treatment of chronic non-healing wounds
can be solved by using propolis. The aim of my work is to give evidence on the
successful treatment of chronic wounds with propolis. Propolis has proved to have
antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant and regenerative effect. The
introduction of propolis in the treatment of wounds has given the encouraging results
and it has been a challenge for the doctors-apitherapists.

Results of chronic wound treatment.

KEYWORDS: chronic wounds, propolis, tissue regeneration

Dr Verica Milojkovic 
Specialist of General medicine / Licensed apitherapist
President of the Serbian Apitherapy Society
Executive member of the International Federation of Apitherapy-IFA
President of the Apitherapy Education Commission IFA
web:     www.apiterapija.rs               

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My experience in treating Psoriazis Vulgaris with bee products

Psoriasis is a chronic (long-lasting) inflammatory skin condition that is partly caused by an overactive immune system. The exact cause of psoriasis is unknown. However, it is clear that the immune system, environmental factors, and family history can play a significant role in triggering this condition. 

The immune system is somehow a trigger, which can cause a series of consequences in the future, including inflammation and acceleration of skin cell growth. Instead of falling off (shedding), the cells pile up on the surface of the skin, forming psoriasis plaques. This action causes the skin cell growth up to 10 times faster than normal. Instead of shedding, these skin cells pile up on the surface and form red patches, or lesions, called plaques. 

Psoriasis is characterized by sudden or gradual development of reddened, thick, itchy patches of silvery scales (raised layers of dead skin flakes) that cause mild to intense itching, usually in the elbows, knees, scalp, hands, trunk and/or nails.

Treatment  Psoriasis vulgaris

General measures

  To  remove  the factors  of risk (stress, infection, medicines)
  Api-detoxification (removing toxins from the body by using natural products) is important at the first month of the treatment.

  Api-detoxification - is a method of complete detoxification and   rejuvenation of the whole body and the immune system with honey, propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly.

  Honey-  - acacia honey

  Propolis -20% ethanol extract.

  Bee pollen is used in treating psoriasis because it contains vitamins and minerals which are important for a skin quality and texture. Enzymes of bee pollen are important for normal liver functioning, which is very important with the patients with psoriasis because in large number of cases there is also a metabolic syndrome.

  Royal jelly - lyophilized capsules, stimulating and stabilizing the cellular immunity, completes detoxification – eliminates free radicals, revitalization and regeneration of the cells and strengthens the body immune system.

  Bee wax is put on major joints like knee or elbow  as compress has the ability to improve blood circulation in treated zone, decreases the inflammation process , removes microorganisms that affect the skin inflammation, softens the skin  so the skin is starting to pile up on the surface and the young and pink skin shows under it.

  Nutrition  – balanced low-fat food
  No  pork,  meat  products,  coffee,  alcohol, chocolate,  spices.
  Unsaturated  omega-3 fatty acids  or  fish.
  Fresh  fruit  and  vegetables.
  There  are a lot  of cases  which  show  visible improvement  with  change of nutrition.

Local treatment
- Good hygiene
       -The 10 % propolis ointment that contains   salicylic  acid, propolis, vitamins.

If psoriasis is perceived as a metabolic disorder, then with the regulation of body weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and lipid status with the use of API-detoxifying bee products, low calorie diets and elimination of risk factors healing is achieved in mild and moderate cases of psoriasis.


недеља, 29. јул 2018.

PERGA - čudo prirode (Ambrosia- hrana bogova)

Statistički podaci  zabeleželi su  da je ishrana današnjeg čoveka najnezdravija u istoriji čovečanstva. Ubrazan tempo života u savremenom svetu naterao je većinu ljudi da se nepravilno hrane (preskakanje obroka, brza hrana, nedovoljan unos voća i povrća, previše zastupljena masna i pržena proteinska hran). Na ovaj način organizam ostaje bez važnih vitamina i minerala, koji su neophodni za očuvanje zdravlja.To je već dovoljan razlog  za alarm. Moramo potražiti pomoć  od prirode i pčele .

Među prirodnim suplementima važno mesto zauzimaju pčelinji proizvodi.(med polen , perga, matični mleč, propolis ). Svi pčelinji proizvodi su jako lekoviti , hranljivi, posebno  perga je, pored matičnog mleča, najlekovitiji i najskuplji proizvod pčela. Ona je u stvari fermentisan polen, 10 puta hranljivija nego običan polen. Gotova je  hrana za pčele,   istovremeno izvanredna hrana za čovekov organizam. 

Perga sadrži preko 100 vrsta različitih gljivica, preko 80 vrsta kvasca, preko 40 vrsta bakterija i sve ono što sadrži sakupljeni polen sa cvetova biljaka, a to su belančevine, vitamini, minerali. 

Predstavlja nezamenjiv dodatak svakodnevnoj ishrani, obiluje kvalitetnim belančevinama, svim nezamenjivim aminokiselinama, ugljenim hidratima, masnim kiselinama, vitaminima B grupe, vitaminima K, E, D, C, posebno vitaminom P (Rutin), provitaminom A (Karotin), različitim mineralima i oligoelementima (posebno kalijumom i gvožđem), eteričnim uljima, enzimima, pigmentima i drugim biološki aktivnim prirodnim materijama.

 Dobijena savršenim balansom biljnog i životinjskog sveta, perga je jedina poznata prirodna hrana koja sadrži sve bitne hranljive materije potrebne za savršeno zdravlje čoveka. Nijedan produkt, bilo u prirodi ili veštački sintetisan nema toliko izraženu biološku aktivnost. Teško će bilo kome poći za rukom da ukrade taj recept od pčela. Zbog svega toga, perga ce jos dugo ostati izvanredan, neprevaziđeni, jedinstveni, isključivo pčeljini proizvod.

 Upotreba perge je veoma značajna u ishrani  dece , sportista  fizičkih i umnih radnika , osoba u trećoj životnoj dobi, jer popravlja opšte psihofizičko stanje organizma, naročito u slučaju povećanih fizičkih napora. Eksperimenti su pokazali da životinje kojima je dodavana perga u ishranu jedu 15-20% manje od svog uobičajenog obroka, ali se i dalje normalno razvijaju i istovremno im se popravlja kvalitet mesa.  Ovo govori da je moguće sprovođenje dijeta za mršavljenje kod ljudi uz dodatak perge bez bojazni od neželjenih posledica uz istovremeno poboljšanje zdravstvenog stanja organizma.

U pergi je dosada otkriveno 50 enzima : katalaza, amilaza, dijastaza, invertaza, fosfataza, ribonukleaza, peroksidaza. Ono što pergu posebno razlikuje od polena je postojanje slobodnih amino kiselina . Slobodne aminokiseline su osnovne komponente telesnih albumina i imaju veliki značaj za deobu i formiranje ćelija. Zato je upotreba perge veoma značajna kod svih procesa rasta kao dodatna hrana, kako u ishrani dece u razvoju, tako i za odrasle u oporavku posle dugih i teških bolesti.

. Pored toga, polivitaminski karakter ovog pčelinjeg proizvoda ima i terapeutsko dejstvo
Njeno korišćenje jača imunološki sistem organizma i doprinosi smanjenju umora. Koristi se u lečenju kolitisa, hroničnih zatvora, hepatita, hroničnih zapaljenja prostate i impotencije, kod bolesti koje su vezane za jetru i njenu funkciju
Perga sadrži antianemični faktor i ima jako antiseptičko dejstvo protiv velikog broja patogenih bakterija. Pomaže kod poremećaja memorije, naročito starijih osoba. Primenjuje se prilikom smetnji u radu srca, gastritisa, poremećaja u radu žlezda sa unutrašnjim lučenjima, čira na dvanestopalačnom crevu, smanjenog libida, muške sterilnosti, prilikom raznih alergija, gripa, alkoholizma…

Koristi se u sklopu terapije u lečenju obolelih krvnih sudova, radi sprečavanja arterioskleroze, upale moždane kore, kod nervnih i psihičkih oboljenja, kada je narušen rad endokrinog sistema i za sprečavanje krvarenja., perga se stavlja pod jezik 4-5 puta dnevno po 1 gram. .Preventivne doze  perge  za odrasle 2 grama dnevno, a za decu 0,5 grama. Čistu pergu ili pomešanu sa kristalisanim medom, ne treba gutati već pustiti da se lagano topi u ustima i klizi u želudac. Isto pravilo zadržavanja u ustima važi za pergu u kristalisanom medu.

Unesite savršenstvo prirode I pčele u Vaš organizam.

Dr Verica Milojković
Specijalista opšte medicine / Licencirani apifitoterapeut
Predsednik Srpskog Apiterapeutskog Društva
Predsednik komisije za apiterapiju SPOS-a
Predsednik komisije za edukaciju iz apiterapije “INTERNATIONAL  FEDERATION  of APITHERAPY” (IFA)

петак, 27. јул 2018.


Novi časopis LEKOVIT MED i reči stručnjaka Dr Verice Milojković na temu upotrebe perge u korist zdravlja. Saznajte nešto novo i primenite nova saznanja u svakodnevnom životu.

среда, 13. децембар 2017.

Apiterapija - 4 jaka saveznika protiv bolesti! (Decembar 2017)

Moje Zdravlje je magazin koji se bavi zdravstvenim temama, tegobama i bolestima savremenog čoveka koji je konstantno izložen stresu, pruža savete osobama koje pate od hroničnih bolesti, ali se bavi i prevencijom, koja je najvažnija za dobro zdravlje.

Naša doktorica Verica Milojković, specijalista iz oblasti Apiterapije, napisala je jako zanimljiv članak na temu 4 najbolja saveznika u borbi protiv bolesti a to su med, matična mleč, polen i propolis. Kako bismo vas bolje informisali o njihovoj pravilnoj upotrebi, evo sjajnog teksta iz novog broja časopisa Moje Zdravlje, koji se baš ovom temom bavi.

недеља, 13. новембар 2016.

Protiv stresa - Lek iz košnice - Časopis MOĆ PRIRODE

Kako smo svakodnevno izloženi stresnim situacijama sa, gotovo, svih strana, potrebno je naći načina da se malo relaksiramo kako taj dugotrajni stres ne bi imao negativnih posledica po naše zdravlje. Savremena Apiterapija i za to stanje organizma ima adekvatan tretman ,koji će svakako umanjiti nivo stresa i pomoći nam da laše prebrodimo stresne situacije. Više o tome proćitajte u nastavku.